AHG Troop AL0236 Member Store

This store is for AHG Troop AL0236 Members only. Orders are filled from troop inventory when available or from periodic AHG troop orders. Many items can also be ordered from the AHG Online Store.

Important Notes
  • Some, but not all of the items in packages require you to choose a size or a number from the dropdown before proceeding. Please take your time and be sure to choose the correct sizes and numbers.
  • The troop number is 0236. Please add all numbers to the cart.
  • Enter the package discount code on the payment screen during checkout. Please place separate orders for packages. Only 1 discount can be applied per order.

AHG Startup Package - Pathfinder

AHG Tenderheart Package

The Pathfinder Start-Up Package has everything you need for your American Heritage Girl to get started within the youngest Program Level. This package includes: AHG Official Pathfinder T-Shirt, AHG Pathfinder Handbook, Pathfinder Necklace Kit, and Pathfinder Troop number beads.

Package Discount Code: Pathfinder